This Life On Fire

This Life On Fire

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A beautiful day for the Orange to shock the world!

Syracuse Fans are enjoying Florida like weather today which proves that miracles can happen and reminds them that sometimes the sun shines unexpectedly.

While the odds HEAVILY favor Florida State, the young athletes who wear Orange are dreaming of victory. To them, nothing is impossible and every chance to step on the field is an opportunity to do something incredible.  It's also an opportunity for their fans to join them in hopeful support, knowing that, as crazy as it sounds, they are taking that field with every intention of winning!

Go Orange!

Syracuse (5-4)
Florida St (9-0)

3:30 est     ABC/ESPN2

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Syracuse War Hero Turns 90!

PFC. Edward Broga has survived a lot.  After battling halfway through France during WWII, he was wounded and then captured by Nazi troops and held as a Prisoner of War for 9 months. Now, as he turns 90,  he can sense that death is knocking on his doorstep once again. Before long the opportunity to sit down and hear the war tales and life lessons of these American Hero's will be gone. Soldiers who joined the effort in it's last 6 months at 18 years old will turn 86 this year.  As Veterans Day approaches on November 11th, every American, if given the opportunity, should reach out to our Veterans, old and young, to say thank you...and to listen to their stories.

This is one of those opportunities...

Ed Broga grew up at 153 Hope Ave in Syracuse.  On February 14th, 1943, after graduating from Blodgett Vocational School, he left Syracuse and headed to Fort Knox to join the war effort. He fought bravely with the 102nd Cavalry in Southern France. During a battle against Nazi soldiers and tanks near Montrevel, France, he engaged the enemy so that others could flee to safety. For this he was deserving of the bronze star medal and a purple heart for wounds he suffered...wounds that would slow him down just enough for the Germans to catch and capture him.  After surviving a horrifying train ride to Munich, he would spend the next 9 months in captivity. While living in misery and facing starvation, the Nazi's did everything in their power to break the spirit of every prisoner in their midst. Day in and day out they were sent into the city to clean up the destruction that the Allied troops had caused in the quest to rid the world of tyranny. Ed managed to survive this horror and was freed in September 1945 when the war ended.

PFC. Broga was honorably discharged from the Army on October 17th 1945 and settled back into life in Syracuse where he raised his family.
On Saturday, November 2nd, 2013, Ed will celebrate his 90th birthday and he is always open to having visitors. Consider stopping by sometime or sending him a note:

Edward Broga
404 Fern Rd
Syracuse, NY 13219


Friday, September 7, 2012

Syracuse Will Never Forget

On Tuesday September 11th from 9am to 5pm Syracuse Firefighters will sit in silence at Firefighters Memorial Park in Downtown Syracuse to remember the victims of 9/11.
Members of the Syracuse Firefighters Local 280 should contact Ted Ackerman to participate in this memorial.
ALL ARE WELCOME: Come and take a moment to reflect on the tragic events of that day together.
Also take a moment to tour Firefighters Memorial Park and remember those who lost their lives protecting our great city.
This Living Memorial will take place at the Hamilton White Monument on the South State Street end of the park.
 Firefighters Memorial Park is located in downtown Syracuse between South Sate St and South Townsend St and East Fayette St and East Genesee St.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Living Memorial

Lone-ly (Merriam Webster)

• Being without company.

• Cut off from others.

• Not frequented by human beings.

• Sad from being alone.

• Producing a feeling of bleakness.

Left alone in so many ways, these images depict feelings that no firefighter should ever have to endure.
By reenacting these silent moments we strive to remember the lost and give strength to the living.

There will be a special tribute on September 11, 2010 at The Lipe Art Park located on West Fayette Street at Geddes Street. Off-duty Syracuse Firefighters will commemorate the loss of 343 FDNY firefighters by recreating a pose made famous in the aftermath of the tragedy at Ground Zero. The image of an exhausted, dust-covered FDNY firefighter has been circulated around the world as the epitome of the emotions that surrounded the efforts of the first responding firefighters to the scene.

The Syracuse Firefighters will strike one of two poses that are easily recognized from the media coverage that ensued that horrific day. The depiction is part of a ‘Live Art’ exhibit and is planned to run from 07:30 am until 9:00 pm on September 11th, 2010.

Image 1: painting by Peter O’Neill                          
Image 2: photographer unknown

For more information contact: Ted Ackerman at 491-4474

Saturday, August 14, 2010

This Glass Is ...FULL

Some might say this glass is half empty, while others may say that it's half full.
True optimists know that in fact this glass is Entirely Full...

Half Water and Half Air.

Change the way you look at the world, and watch your life change.

Positive is the way to live.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baseball Is Not A Game Of Perfect

Sometimes even great athletes encounter intense obstacles, proving once again how important the mental aspect of the game is, and how human these players are. 

Alex Rodriguez is 9-for-37 with eight RBI's and 0 home runs since hitting his 599th on July 22nd at Yankee Stadium. 

Even though A-Rod says it might take a while, it is only a matter of time and could happen any day now.  Most likely he will become a bettter player as he faces this challenge, and more importantly the Yankees will become an even stronger team.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beautiful Within...Success Defined

Coach John Wooden
October 14, 1910 - June 4, 2010

The Greatest Basketball Coach of All-Time. He coached the person...not just the player.

Dear Coach Wooden,
Thank You for all the gifts that you have shared with us. 
You lived a Life On Fire, and that passion will continue to burn inside of us, your students.
You filled this life with Love and Integrity and have become a role model for us all. 
May the blessings of paradise be even more than you expected.
Rest In Peace

Monday, May 31, 2010

In Memoriam

Honoring 'the men and women in uniform who gave their last full measure of devotion so we might live in freedom.'

From a proud and grateful nation.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Baseball's Future~Making History In Syracuse...Again

May 24th, 2010... What a day to be a Syracuse sports fan!

Yes, this is a re-post...but it is with reason...

Tonight Stephen Strasberg will pitch, possibly, his final game in Syracuse against the Toledo Mud Hens, and by the end of next week he will be standing on the mound in front of a sold out Washington crowd,  facing the Cincinatti Reds...

Tonights game may break the previous attendance record set only a few weeks ago, but more than that, it will be a gift from Stephen Strasberg to this sports crazed little city.   We hope that he has enjoyed his time here as much as we have enjoyed having him.  We are proud of him...

He wore our teams name on his chest and has acted and performed like a Champion...

Best of luck in the bigs, Stras!  We will be cheering for you all the way.

May 15th, 2010

This is what the future of Baseball looks like...

His name is Stephen Strasburg and he might be the best pitcher in the Big Leagues... but... he's not in the Big Leagues,...Not Yet.

The AAA Syracuse Chiefs are basking in the hype of this young Ace, who has so far thrown 12 innings for the Chiefs and given up 1 hit...and their parent team, The Wahington Nationals couldn't be more excited.

He's got the "Stuff", all of it. Curve, Slider, Change-up, and a 100 mph fastball when he needs it.

While Syracuse holds first place outright in the AAA International league, The Nationals are tied for first with the Phillies in the National League East and the stage is set for the Nationals to pursue a Title which they have never held since becoming a team in 1969.

When they add Strasburg to the roster they will be, arguably, the best team Washington has ever put together in its 40 year history.

But for now,  baseball's heart in Syracuse is beating strong. Strasburg's first start brought out a sold-out, standing room only crowd of 13,766, the most people to watch a basball game in Syracuse history. A city who's professional baseball history dates back to 1877, includes 8 titles and visits from countless Hall of Famers, including Babe Ruth.

This city is loving it, that city can't wait for it, and baseball is once again making dreams come true!

Play Ball!

Stephen Strasburg video: Sell out crowd at Alliance Bank Stadium

Tony Gwynn's take...

Friday, May 21, 2010

My Mother Is On Facebook

And she enjoys it.

This equals instant credibility for me...

Started by college sophmore, Mark Zuckerberg, while a student at Harvard in 2003, the site now has over 400 Million users. WOW, the current population of the United States is only 309 Million.

Although, not for everyone, it's hard to deny Facebook's popularity and success.
It helps people to network, stay in touch, build relationships and to reconnect with friends and family.

It's helping businesses to grow and non-profits to raise money.

Facebook, like Google has become a large part of our culture. 

Like anything, Facebook in moderation can be healthy and enjoyable, and if your mother is doing it then it must be a good thing.

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